jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014


                          Clean as Pauline Oil On Linen 56x42'' 2007
                  This Tulip Loves You, Oil On Canvas, 60x48'', 2010

                     On The Banks Of The Rhines, Oil On Canvas, 38x30'', 2011

                     Across From The Prison Beside The Great Lake, Oil on Canvas, 65x50'',2011
                       Delilah and Delilah, Oil On Canvas, 53x40'', 2012

            Emerald Lake 84x79'' 2007
                  Last Run Of The Colorado 65x53'' 2012
                 The Internationalist, 18x30'', Oil On Canvas
                               One Thousand Sofias Oil On Canvas 7x5'' 2007
                            Exiting Empire Oil On Canvas 72x54'' 2013
                            When I Stand Beside Her Oil On Canvas 90x66'' 2013
                                     An Ocean In A River, Oil On Canvas, 30x36'', 2012
                     Call O. Wilde , Oil On Canvas, 30x24'', 2012
                    One Hundred Views Of Trinidad, Oil On Canvas, 28x20'', 2012
      Nineteen Temptations, Oil on Canvas, 22x28'', 2012

Jennifer NEHRBASS, 1970, contemporary artist from USA. She graduated from the University of New Mexico, New York University and the University of Wisconsin. Ambiguity, realism and fantasy play atmospherically in a narrative moment akin to magic realism.

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