miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013





130X150 cm



      Escape into Life

Rural scenes, sad brides, strange sisters, crows, fire, superstitions and supernatural forces. These are what Andrea Kowch captures in her beautiful, mysterious paintings, shown all over in the United States and Canada.The allegorical side of her work captures parallels between human experience and the natural world. "The lonely and desolate American landscape reflects the human soul, symbolizing all things poerful, fragile, and eternal" she says. 



                                              Exhibición de los Navíos Celestes

               La Visión De La Reina Josefina

Born in Guadalajara Mexico on 1975, he grew within a family devoted to the reproduction and creation of Spanish and Latin American baroque and religious art; a primary influence on his work, filtered through the dramatic and theatre like sense of the characters as well as some forms of composition.

            He became an apprentice at his father Studio at the age of 16. After studying and administrative career at Iteso (Jesuit college), he joined the School of Arts at the University of Guadalajara, then Art Student’s league in NY and finally the atelier of Carlos Vargas Pons in Guadalajara. His work is deeply influenced by the baroque great masters as well as the magic realism of Remedios Varo and Carrington through Anne Bachelier and the philosophy behind the work of Frederick Hart.

            Jose Parra’s work has been catalogued and published on books in Mexico, United States and Europe. He’s participated on solo and collective shows internationally: Inernational Carrefour in NY, New Great Masters at the Centenario Museum in Monterrey and “Phoenix and Dragons” in Chaumont and Viechtach are within the last ones.

            On 2013 besides the solo exhibition “Islands at the end of the World” in Guadalajara, participated on “Comparisons” at the Grand Palais in Paris and collective exhibitions on Viechtach, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Annweiler.

Pintor nacido en Guadalajara Jalisco en 1975 , con más de 20 años de trayectoria en la plástica e incursiones en teatro a partir del 2011 como actor y escritor de la obra Clemente-Clemente, actualmente escribe “Flamingo”, una ficción sobre dos divas mexicanas en los 40-50´s y su supuesta desaparición.

         Su obra pictórica ha sido catalogada y publicada en libros en México, Estados Unidos y Europa. Entre las últimas exhibiciones colectivas se encuentran: International Carrefour en NY, Nuevos Grandes Maestros, Clásicos Contemporáneos en el Museo del Centenario en Monterrey, así como exhibiciones en el centro de las artes en la misma ciudad, y “Phoenix and Dragons” en Viechtach y Chaumont.

         En el 2013 además de la exhibición individual “Las Islas al final de la Tierra” en Guadalajara México, participó en “Comparisons” en el Grand Palais de París, y colectivas en Viechtach, Utrecht, Amsterdam y Annweiler.