viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

ROBERTO FERRI "CHLORIS" olio su tela 100 x 80 cm



MILAN NENEZIC Born 1983 in Belgrade, Serbia. Lives and works in Belgrade.

"What has so far inspired my work is the human body and human perception. The way we see ourselves and the way the personality is transferred to the outside world by creating a new reality.
I'm particularly interested in different states of consciousness, their effect on the perception of time and space - what we call reality. A man in love perceives the reality completely different than the one that has been left, and therefore will be viewed differently by other people. Dream-like altered state of consciousness along with the symbolism of dreams is another important part of my work. Unique symbolism of each individual, in my opinion, is one of the highest levels of human creativity. The way in which we exist in this framework, to me, is a huge source of ideas and insights into the human being." MN

Dreams & Visions are paintings that are dealing with symbols and personifications of emotions through different states of consciousness (dreams, halucinations, visions, reiki, meditation etc.). They appear as a reflection of an inner and outer experience of self, as a part of existence in the field of life frequencies.



Bruce Holwerda (1954) American painter from Michigan. He incorporates surreal elements in his portraits. His paintings are in a continuous process in which each finished piece leads to the next, the art is acrylic on any medium (canvas, wood or paper). In each image there are several narrative illustrations. He combines fresh ideas and innovative performances.