domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014


CHARLES MIANO Charcoal On paper

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       Darwin's Preoccupation

      Nelson Mandela

                                                 No War For Our Children

                                                  Mon Cri, Moundelour
                                                         Anais, The Power Of Love

                                                Bouddha, Feng Shui


                                                         Fragilité, Ton Nom Est Femme

                                            Le Baiser ( The Kiss)

                                           New Future

                                              Salvador Dalí
                                                      Sex Is Good
                                                Tokyo White

                       Gangstand Child, King Of Street

                    Amy WhineHouse

     Mixt On Canvas

Patrice Murciano, French painter, was born in Belfast. He moved to Montpellier from an early age. Passion for art early on, it starts reproducing the characters of comics from the age of 6 years, he then goes on to paint his early muses, who at the time of fashion magazine models, to the age of 8 with the makeup of his mother that rests on the rollers to the attic abandoned to tapestry.He will present his first painting at the age of 12 years in a group exhibition. Inspired by the romantic nude photographer David Hamilton, he shall cease to paint these naked veiled himself to get into the picture at the age of 16. At eighteen he took part in an exhibition organized by “Arts and Letters in France” where he received the medal hopes of the young. It leaves out the paint for a few years to devote himself to do the photo, portraits, nude, fashion…