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Picasso tuvo una vida muy agitada y dejó una estela de devastación tras él. Dora Maar sufrió una crisis nerviosa cuando la abandonó para irse con Francoise Gilot. Paulo, su hijo mayor, nunca tuvo más carrera o meta que hacer de chófer para su padre y acabó convirtido en un alcohólico desesperado. Los hijos de Gilot , Claude y Paloma, salieron de la vida de su padre cuando su madre escribió un libro revelador;  su última esposa Jacqueline incluso los dejó fuera del funeral de su padre.
Esta angustia no acabó con la muerte de Picasso. Marie-Thérése Walter se colgó y Jacqueline Roque Picasso se pegó un tiro. Incluso la siguiente generación se vio afectada: la hija de Paulo, Marina, escribió un libro en el que culpaba a su abuelo de su desgraciada infancia, y su hermano Pablito se mató bebiendo peróxido. Dora Maar seguramente ya había intuido algo cuando le dijo a Picasso: " Como artista puede que seas extraordinario, pero moralmente hablando eres despreciable".

Picasso had an eventful life and left a trail of devastation behind him. Dora Maar had a nervous breakdown when he left her to go with Francoise Gilot. Paulo, his eldest son, never had more career or goal to be a  chauffeur to his father and ended up being a desperate alcoholic. Gilot's children, Claude and Paloma, left his father's life when his mother wrote a revealing book, his last wife Jacqueline even left them out of his father's funeral.
This anguish did not ended with the death of Picasso. Marie-Therese Walter hung herself and Jacqueline Roque Picasso shot himself. Even the next generation was affected: Paulo's daughter, Marina, wrote a book in which she blamed his grandfather from his unhappy childhood, his brother Pablito died drinking peroxide. Dora Maar had probably sensed something when she said to Picasso: "As an artist you may be extraordinary but you are morally despicable."

Underwater Photography by ZENA HOLLOWAY


FLORIAN NICOLLE, french 26 years old graphic designer and illustrator freelancer. 
"I try to create an image that retains its freshness of the first paint stroke, the expressions of the line have to be very free and spontaneous. While keeping a rigorous drawing." 


Francis-Olivier Brunet was born in 1962. He studied Fine Arts and has been showing his paintings from 1985 in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Working with acrylics and various pieces included in his painting, he presents a world of landscapes and human or animal beings sounding our mind.


                                              Mika Fowler Photographer , Gary Wong -stylist

Carrie Ann Baade was born in Natchitoches, Louisiana. She received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her master from University of Delaware. During her career, she has been awarded the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs Individual Artist Fellowship, the Delaware Division of the Arts Fellowship for Established Artist, and nominated for the prestigious United States Artist Fellowship. She now functions as an Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL where she lives with her poly-dactyl tabby cat.
Her paintings, often referred to as “allegorical narratives inspired by spirit, literature, and art history” are highly autobiographical and incredibly detailed. These cleverly imagined portraits combine elements of Renaissance and Baroque religious paintings to produce landscapes, characters and settings that are highly reminiscent of something out of the pages of Lewis Carrol.

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