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       bejin 45x45cm
     kim kim 200x40cm
     l'origine du monde 100x70cm
     Made in China 130x130 cm acrylic oil on canvas
                      60x80cm acrylic oil on canvas
                             Saskia 48x74cm  

David Agenjo  was born in Madrid in 1977 and now lives in London.
He combine color and texture in “unexpected” ways on his palette. He is intrigued by almost accidental ways of establishing a textural or color field, so he started incorporating and combining palette works into his actual paintings.
Agenjo always uses a secondary canvas as a palette, this second canvas/palette becomes the new surface on which to overlay and merge the next figurative composition. This palette, covered in random color combinations and textures, becomes the underlayer for his next figurative painting.
In this way, his unpredictable abstract work interacts with his more conscious figurative work process, and each of his paintings is organically linked to the previous one, almost like DNA. Some paintings contain other textural elements besides paint, such as fiberglass, grid tape, or plastic bags. He incorporates these elements in the pallet stage of the canvas building up a rich starting point for the next work.


Salvatore Testa è nato a napoli nel 1966.Fin dalla primissima infanzia inizia 
a disegnare ed a suonare da autodidatta strumenti musicali. 

Frequenta il liceo artistico e in seguito la facoltà di architettura. 
Abbandonando gli studi poichè intanto la sua attività di pittore diventa una professione. 
Ad oggi ha venduto almeno 1500 quadri nel mondo. 

suona e canta in band locali di vario genere, dal Folk, al free jazz, suonando flauto traverso e tastiere. 

Nel '98 vince il premio di Recanati noto concorso cantautorale in Italia.
La musica e la pittura sono tuttora tra le sue principali occupazioni.


Victor Polidori was born in Civita Castellana (VT ) in 1945.
In 1964 he graduated from the School of Art in Rome - in 1965 he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts to attend the course and Guccione. Additionally, Guttuso Naked Academy courses and Spadini Beppe Guzzi . Lives and works in Ostia - Rome. Renato Nicolini Critic : Victor Polidori painting affects the apparent ambiguity of their references. And 'as if through it we become transported into a timeless Museum , where the history of painting has accumulated , without order or chronological distinctions , Magritte and American Academy hyperrealists derived from Rafael and Zurbarán. Suddenly This imaginary museum seems apparent ability to distort reality objectively portray graffiti paint surface Polidori . This surface itself denies the objectivity and aspirations that seem to be connected , almost like an excess of reality and history , reality and history to disappear, or turn better be ( too) disguises of contemporary subjectivity dell'inquieta Marcello Venturoli Critic . " Dressed to Undress " not by chance came to me in speech.Che Polidori adjective applied to things before and now to the meat, but the woman , even to bare : why the early years of the last decade the nature of the characters of the Roman traffic is femminile.As nude young women in whole or in part and aware of their nakedness . models are really " dressed as nude " , both retain their personality and dignity , electrocution while their meat at each discovery, laying , abandonment , facial expressions , gestures appearance . It is in short a space of reciting naked secret and confidential , maybe a permanent availability of confidences undoubtedly attitudes of these girls shivering and are not influenced by prejudice in the image and likeness of the feelings of the artist.