martes, 18 de marzo de 2014



Good Morning Today Special


Benjamin Garcia was born in 1986 in the city of Caracas, Venezuela. At age 19 he decides to study design and illustration at the Instituto de diseño de Caracas, graduating in 2010. His first influences came from comic artists like Moebius and Bill Sienkiewicz.
Eventually, he made the transition from illustrating for animation to painting when he discovered the work of artists such as Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville and Kent Williams. His paintings focus  mostly on portraits with an aesthetic language that is both dark and subtly surreal with an approach to his subjectsfrom a personal view.


"The voguish and gaudy single girl image in my works represents a whole group in our society, namely youngsters around their puberty. They regard themselves as matur and start to get some clue of life, in this age they tend to be most vulnerable to cultural heresies.1972 Born in Qi Xian, Shanxi Province." WANG ZHIJIE
1997 Graduated from Oil Painting Department of Beijing Institute of Education
with Master’s Degree; Now he works and lives in Beijing.


                                          Photo by David Kimelman

BARNABY WHITFIELD'S paintings are powerfully symbolic and sexually charged. They cope with shame and absession, and are full of visual historical context. Beside being a great painter Barnaby has also being an opera singer as well as a model.
Born in Miami, Florida, Barnaby Whitfield lives and works in New York, where he maintains a reputation as "a colorful character with a past that isn’t so much checkered as it is striped or polka-dotted, or maybe something along the lines of a vintage toile" (Anthem magazine, 2008).