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Born in 1985 in Yokneam Moshava, Israel, Doron Langberg currently lives and works in Queens, NY. He received his MFA in 2012 from Yale University School of Art Painting Dept. and holds a BFA from the University of Pennsylvania (2010), a Certificate from PAFA (2010) and attended the Yale Summer School of Music and Art, Norfolk (2009). Langberg’s work was exhibited at Horton Gallery, Jeff Bailey Gallery, Anna Kustera Gallery, Ana Cristea Gallery, Driscoll Babcock Gallery, the PAFA Museum and the Detroit Museum of New Art. He is a recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant and the Yale Schoelkopf Travel Prize. Langberg’s work was featured in New American Paintings and Q Magazine at Yale and reviewed in NY Arts Magazine, Artcritical, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia City Paper, and The Huffington Post Detroit, and it is in the collection of the PAFA Museum.  
I see my paintings as a conduit between the viewer and me, through which my experiences become theirs. In my process, I search for affinities between textures, marks or color relationships and moments in my life, ranging from banal to sexual. I focus on love and desire in my work because they are both fundamental human experiences, but also what mark me as different. When I’m confronted with views about queerness, whether in a conversation, on the street, publicly expressed in the media, or embedded in institutional policy, I often feel that they do not reflect my own experience of sexuality. Through their visual impact, I want my paintings to bridge this gap between how I see myself and how others see me. By foregrounding color, gesture, and the tactility of paint I try to create a connection with a viewer that speaks to the shared sensations of the bodies we inhabit rather than the social categories that constrict us.