sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014


                                Oil On Dutch Metal On Board

"The characters in my paintings don't readily give away their stories; their histories of desire and love. But it is a seductive world that they seem to hint at, a place of myth-making and mystery. They invite us in at some level to speculate on the idealised memories of their lives and to give a second thought to the half forgotten fables we each collect and carry through our own world."

Pam Hawkes works focus on traitions of Renaissance figures. But embracing contemporary issues looking for identity, ambiguity of sexuality, desire creating a strong connection between the viewer and the character through the use of colors and symbolisms.

For the last fifteen years Pam Hawkes as taught on fine art courses at colleges and universities around Birmingham, England, where she resides. During this time she has also shown in London, Europe and America in joint and solo exhibitions.