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CESAR SANTOS New Series showed between

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CESAR SANTOS, 1982, Cuban-American. His art education is worldly, and his work has been seen around the globe, from the Annigoni Museum in Italy and the Beijing museum in China to Chelsea NY. Santos studied at Miami Dade College, where he earned his associate in arts degree in 2003. He then attended the New World School of the Arts before traveling to Florence, Italy. In 2006, he completed the Angel Academy of Art in Florence studying under Michael John Angel, a student of artist Pietro Annigoni.

Santos’ work reflects both classical and modern interpretations juxtaposed within one painting. His influences range from the Renaissance to the masters of the nineteenth century to Contemporary Art. With superb technique, he infuses a harmony between the natural and the conceptual to create works that are provocative and dramatic.

"I conceive pictures that represent my deepest and most irrational perceptions. Through this I aspire to show images that transmit the impression of paintings of the past, but are imbued with contemporary, fresh concepts as well as my own personal philosophy.
My artistic energy drives me to arrange elusive figures and objects in conceptual designs, yet rendering them in a believable and convincing way. I bring both worlds - theoretical and naturalistic - into communion: taking objects out of their natural context to create a new environment for them, a new reality or world for us.
My tools are imagination and technique; they are the essence and the basis of my work. Oils and linen are my favorite materials: they are malleable, translucent, durable and organic. Unconventional ideas and images reach a unified framework in complex compositions; the technique used to achieve this form is "neo-academic", applying physical texture through thick paint, which is juxtaposed against smooth translucent areas. Timeless and linear techniques, current yet individual approaches to depict today's fleeting images.
The most challenging aspect of my creation is to establish a dual system of communication, a dialog in which form and color are equal participants, united by the eye of the active viewer. In a suggestive and theatrical way I seek to raise questions, to entice one to probe the imagery that I present and attempt to decipher it's meaning." CS


Painting, acrylics on jute
Born in Husum, Germany, 1960  Diploma at Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft, Hamburg, 1987