domingo, 6 de julio de 2014

Collaboration: Poem PALOMA de la Torre ( Cromofora La)/ Photo ANN KEEL


I am loving, despite the pain
Swallowed in the mouths of my chest
Furtive sunrises sunless
Exhausted And elastic hands ...
I love, though doll broken and sewed
Of restless mirrors for eyes,
lips open ...
Tears dried in the breeze
of words spoken,
Your breeze,
I Loved, with pale eyelids
In the petals of a rose ...

Amando, a pesar del dolor
Tragado en la boca de mí pecho
Amaneceres furtivos sin sol
Manos exangües y elásticas…
Amar, aunque cosida muñeca rota
De inquietos espejos como ojos,
labios abiertos…
Lágrimas secadas con la brisa
de palabras pronunciadas,
Tu brisa...
Amé, con los párpados lívidos
En la corola de una rosa...

אני אוהבת, למרות הכאב
נבלעת בפי חזי
זריחות חשאיות שלא ראו שמש
מותשת ידיים אלסטיות ...
אוהבת, אם כי הבובה נשברה ונתפרה
מראות חסרי מנוח לעיני, שפתי פתוחות ...
דמעות מיובשות ברוח
של מילים מדוברות,
רוח שלך,
אהבתי, עם עפעפיים חיוורות
על עלי כותרת של ורד ...

Poem by PALOMA de la Torre ( Cromofora La)©
" Sin Azúcar"
Image: NANOO G.( Ann Keel)

Model Daria Edresen
Translated to Hebrew by A. Mart

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Adrian Ghenie The Fake Rothko (2010), sold in Sotheby’s London June 30th Contemporary Art Evening Auction.

 "The Romanian painter based in Cluj was already a global hit. The rumor goes that advisers of all stripes were begging at the doors of his Berlin dealer Galerie Judin during the artist’s last show, hoping for a work that for most remained out of reach. Ghenie is collected by the Centre Georges Pompidou; François Pinault is a fan. But today’s sale of his 2010 painting The Fake Rothko for £1,426,000 against a high estimate of £350,000 places him in a different league altogether. The contemporary evening auctions truly concern only about a handful of highly bankable artists—the Warhols, Fontanas, and Richters of this world, those who market commentator Scott Reyburn describes as “investment-grade favorites.” Tonight has proved that Ghenie might well be on the way to becoming one of them."

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