miércoles, 22 de enero de 2014



      After the Announcement

     folly, 2013, 38.5 x 39.5 in, oil on linen

                                strong bird carrying young gentleman, 2012, 40 x 30 in, oil on linen

      Salad Days in Sun, 2013, 6.75 x 7.5 in, oil on linen

"PAULINA RUBINO  is a painter making contemporary imagery with classical techniques and materials. 
Spare compositions are arranged to evoke calm, color is placed to heighten mood, and multi-layered, broad
brushwork builds a complex yet fresh surface.  Recent work focuses on the figure and face. 

Rubino trained at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, and furthered her studies with Odd Nerdrum
in Norway.  She also graduated with degrees in economics and law from the University of Florida.
Born in Trenton, NJ and raised in Florida, Rubino has since lived and worked in Mexico, Italy, and Finland.  She is
currently based in Stuart, Florida and also maintains a studio in Laitila, Finland."




      Let me Rest in Peace

Sins Of Jezebel By TOMAAS

“Visionary image-maker TOMAAS creates cinematic, surreal, yet realistic fashion and beauty imagery. His edgy signature style is vibrant, dramatic and subtle. His exceptional selection of locations entices him to intimately capture his subjects and their environment. TOMAAS’ work exemplifies a unique photographic experience where subject matter, atmosphere and environment coalesce into a single narrative that reveals its own story. In contrast to more traditional photographic works where art often imitates life, his images compellingly reveal themselves in a manner that resembles cinematic images in real time. All details are equally essential. TOMAAS’ precise vision illuminates a complete concept that creates a bold and indelible impression. His work has been and continues to be shown in an ever expanding number of international publications and New York galleries."

Photographer: TOMAAS
Photographer Assistant: Charles Chan Casela
Illustrator: Januz Miralles
Make up Artist: Gregg Hubbard Represented By Bernstein & Andriulli
Hairstylist: Seiji Uehara, Represented By Ennis, Inc.
Hairstylist Assistant: Sofiya Pylo
Model: LILIYA POLOKHOVA @ Muse Models


Nicolas Malinowsky is a French artist who works as a graphic designer within the ill-Studio, a Paris-based creative platform. This series is taken from “Death and the afterlife. and his fascination with religious and philosophical symbology and the mysterious secret societies of our past.