jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2013

VICENTE ROMERO REDONDO 130x89 cm. óleo sobre lienzo (2013)

Born in Madrid in 1956

FRANK VAN DER LOO first pose;oil 50x60 cm 12 2013

first pose;oil 50x60 cm 12 2013


ALEXEY GOLOVIN Jupiter and Antiope, 145x145cm

On june, 26th, 1977 was born in Lenigrand, Russia. He is a third generation direct descendant student of the world famous Masters: I. repin, V. Serov, K. Korovin, V. farsvrskhiy.
They taught D. Kardovskiy, I. Grabar, A. Deineka, S. Gerasimov, renowned artists who taught Mr.Golovin professors. Golovin studied directly under A.Mylnikov, A.Bystrov, V.Pesikov and other distinguished artists and professors of Fine Art.
2000 – The decision of Presidium of the Russian Academy of arts from May, 29th, 2000 it is awarded by a medal «For successes in study».
2007 – It is awarded by a medal of "250 years of the Russian academy of arts».
2009 - it is awarded by an anniversary medal "Union of Russian Artists-75years".


MICHAL TRPÁK Born in 1982 in Czech republic.

RICHARD THOMAS SCOTT " new painting In progress"


Francesco Albano was born in Oppido Mamertina (RC) in November 19th, 1976. After graduating in 2000, from Accademia di Belli Arti di Carrara, He won Premio Nazionale delle Arti-MIUR 2005 (MIUR National Awards) Best Sculptor of the year. Currently works and lives in Istanbul.

RALF HEYNEN forces of gravity 60x80 cm oil on linen


Spaniard digital artist, designer and  photograher Antonio Mora fuses common portraits with lanscape, animails and abstract photography. His ongoing Dream Portraits trnsforms two separate images by combining them into one frame.; enforcing their visul power.


                       "Gaia, The Birth Of An End and She'll Wait For You In The Shadows Of Summer."

For almost five years, English photographer Kristy Mitchell has been creating one stunning image after another for the enchanted wonderland series. The project, which is entirely self funded and inspired by the memory of the photographer late mother, is nearing its finale. With sixty-nine pictures in the collection Mitchell has just recently released two more amazing pieces to continue her “story book without words”


Created by designer and photographer FRANCESCO PALEARI Profili di Milano (Profiles of Milan) is a unique black and white series that merges the Italian city with the people who live there; Each composition is an abstract mix of a single portrait with Milan's historic architecture. The artist uses the shapes of the buildings to create the right side of the image while maintaining the distinct facial features of each person on the left.