domingo, 27 de julio de 2014



American Beauty by Henrich KIMERLING

Tibor NAGY

Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia - Slovak Republic

"Why the landscapes are special to me. 

When I observe the land itself, the first thing that happens is that it evokes 
a feeling or mood in me. A while later I slowly start to explore colors, 
structures and other details in general. And this very first notion is what 
interests me the most; trying to capture the vitality and rich diversity 
of the scenery while concentrating on the emotional context which is crucial for me. 

I prefer to work using a 'loose style' with many abstract forms, which I love, trying 
to find a balance between what is abstract and what is real. 

This form of expression is very energetic and often makes me push the envelope 
a bit further. At this point I need some courage because beyond this border starts 
an unknown territory and since I'm not just relying on the knowledge I've gathered 
over time anymore, I never know what might surprise me. It's like being on the edge. 
Sometimes I fall and other times new, unexpected possibilities of expression and 
technique become available to me. This is the way I can improve, being constantly 
on the edge, where the process of thinking temporarily stops and spontaneity comes 
in instead. If I manage to maintain this fragile balance, a work of art is created. 

Experience slowly teaches me that it's better not to think too much but to trust your 
intuition instead. Having the courage to leave the safe but often boring road 
and 'stay alive' is what matters to me. 

I also make an extra effort to remain constantly open to new possibilities and innovative 
ways and, if possible, not to remain at the same stage all the time. In this way I give new creative processes the opportunity 
to carry me forward. "