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KAROL BAK (born in 1961) – painter, draftsman and graphic artist. In 1984-89 he studied at the State Higher School of Fine Arts (now renamed to The University of Arts in Poznan) at the graphic art faculty. He graduated with honours and got two university degrees: from proffesor’s Tadeusz Jackowski graphic art studio and from professor’s Jarosław Kozlowski drawing studio.. After graduating he had dealt with copperplating and drawing for three years. Then, for several years, he was an interior designer and he took part in many art journeys. In the midnineties he had started to pursue the oil painting, which had become his proffesion since 2000. The artist’s works can be classyfied in theme cycles such as "The Sailing Ships Cycle", "The Dialogues Cycle", "The Cocoons Cycle", "The Aureoles Cycle", "The Four Elements Cycle", "Judith and Salome Cycle".
The painter had presented his works in over a dozen individual exhibitions. He had also participated in many group exhibitions, mainly in Poland, Germany and The Netherlands.
Recently he is interested especially in easel painting and drawing.


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"Born in 1961 in Erevan (Armenia), D. Mouradia was awarded the prize of Excellence of the Fine Arts Academy of Erevan. Between 1974 and 1980 he has studied at the Ecole Supérieure de Sculpture where he learned a lot about terracotta before entering the School of Fine Arts of Erevan (1980-1984), and then the same school in Paris for another 6 years. He has exhibited his works in Armenia (1972-1991), and then in Paris (1992-1996). All his works are inspired by Armenian culture, combining the civilisations of the East and the West, and including memories of the past (the Middle Ages). Mouradian's world of fantasy is an ever-changing environment where the Bible and Mythology play a major role. He leads us to make an in-depth self-analysis, in search of our own roots, to be able to live the future with greater serenity. "