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My heart is with NELSON MANDELA ( Paloma)

JONNY ANDVIK The Inconformist


Midnight dance Éjféli tánc , 80x60cm , Oil on canvas sales inquiries at palomad1@hotmail.com

Meghitt pillanat , 50x60 cm , oil on canvas Available for purchase from Cromofora La ( Paloma) Contemporary Art Gallery  sales inquiries at palomad1@hotmail.com
In the Studio Műteremben , 70x90cm,oil on canvas Available for purchase from Cromofora La ( Paloma) Contemporary Art Gallery  sales inquiries at palomad1@hotmail.com

Nasty Stories Pajzán históriák , 50x70 cm , oil on canvas, Available for purchase from Cromofora La ( Paloma) Contemporary Art Gallery . Sales inquiries palomad1@hotmail.com

Musical Instrument Hangszerek , 50x40cm,  Available for purchase from Cromofora La ( Paloma) Contemporary Art Gallery . Sales inquiries palomad1@hotmail.com

László Gulyás
He was born in Budapest in 1960. He graduated at Secondary School of Applied , Fine Arts specialised in advertisement graphics, and then he was a student at Academy of Fine Arts He reaches his own picture world and obtains old masters?painting techniques by the universal impression of his painter father and Rembrandt?s painting, which extricate him from his most coevals . Hi is not interested int he clean-up of painting and documentation of his agony, but the survival of tradition .Mainly his pictures full of life and harmony about his family show the main value of his emerging talent.
His professional efficiency and honour , respect of tradition and engrossment has always been authenticating Hungarian culture . It is all characterised by László Gulyás . In our strident world not only his painter represesenttation is promising but also his deep humanity and loving era he represented in his paintings . He ofter represents the immaculacy of a child soul , mentalizy of nicely wrinkled skin and a happy sorrow of a clown . he digs successfully into deeper layers of characters and individuality in his portrays beyond extrinsic similarities .
He suits light and shade effects in a particular efficiency when he is able to be purple . Picturesque beaty is the contradition of cold and warm colours, which is used for represent three-dimensional effect .Beyond his colour , his extraordinary line culture appears where his qualification can be palpated .
His particularly important works are the full-lenght portray of
Bishop László Ravasz (250x150 cms) int he aula of the College of Budapest Reformed Church ,

For information about buying some of GULYÁS LÁSLÓ's Painting; please contact me at Palomad1@hotmail.com




                        Maid in China
                                        My Sister

             Strawberry season
       The legend og warloard

      Show time

       Midnight Ride

            Towards the future

       Public vs Republic

            Spring Thunder

                                 Print era


           Morning Flute

      Show boat

                                                  The Yawn

                                                     Girls in Autumn

                Oh, Canada!


       Fleeting Time

LUI LIU is a born Chinese who emigrated to Canada in the early nineties. His work brings oriental and western contemporary elements together, often creating mystical settings with an everyday touch. His authentic oil painting technique combined with a modern twitch, invites the viewer into a world beyond rational and habitual.

"These are not the best times for artists and their works.
The old masters of oil paintings have developed their techniques to perfection; and the masters of modern art have extended their styles to an extreme. Wittgenstein remarked about language: "If only you do not try to utter what is unutterable then nothing gets lost. And the unutterable will be contained in what has been uttered." I believe, when it comes to the fields of fine arts -- what is utterable has mostly been uttered.
In my opinion, the borderlines dividing language, science, common sense and the arts are disappearing gradually. I see convergence bringing about an integrated cultural world, and my works are an attempt to present such a vision of the integrating world to our senses. For me, this is the utterable element still unuttered.
Modernity appears to me like a tin bucket in which every possible style has been poured and mixed and used and abused in search of self-expression. A child can express himself with crayons and doddles. But great art could not be pure self-expression; it's unfortunately the opposite. When an art piece is placed in a position of great art, it's the unselfish erasing of the painter that lets it live, as T.S.Eliot has said, "the process of creation is the process of constantly removing one's character and individuality from the work."
What's left of ME in my paintings then is the combination of other people's rules and technique and my psychological perception of reality. I don't try to be ancient or modern. I could only paint within the continuity of a tradition and with a simple mission: to paint the ever-lasting mythopoetic images of our time as they come out of the past and move into the future.
Nothing could be this carefree when I gained the stage to dance with the chains." LUI LIU