sábado, 7 de junio de 2014


                                 Triste Venus ( Sad Venus) Técnica mixta sobre papel 34 x 18 cm
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David A. Leffel is a twentieth-century artist who paints in the classic Flemish/Dutch old master style, much in the manner of Rembrandt or Chardin. His subject matter is still lifes, landscapes, portraits, and figures, but the real subject of his work is the light as it gently drifts from one object to another. It pauses here, then moves on. Light is, in fact, what Leffel calls “the concept” of the painting.
For David, beauty is absolute, perfect and universal. He believes the goal of the artist is to understand beauty and to translate its essence upon the canvas. His art reflects this constant striving to expand this understanding, and, his artistic application of the knowledge.
Since beauty is absolute, and not relative to the artist, art is timeless. Although Leffel's works remind us of the Dutch Baroque painters, he is a master of light and shadow. Even Leffel's simplest still lifes are dramatic, and fill us with a profound sense of awe. We must appreciate the art of David A. Leffel on its own terms, and not try to apply stylistic associations to his work. The beauty we see and feel on a Leffel canvas testifies to his understanding and talent.
Born in New York City, Leffel attended both Parsons School of Design and Fordham University. In 1959 and 1960 he studied at the Art Students League, New York City on a Merit Scholarship. In addition to his many one-man gallery shows, Leffel's work has been exhibited in numerous important group and museum shows.

Statement of Purpose:
"Art is an expression of unity and universality, not temporal factors. It is a means of reaffirming life, of overcoming confusion..."


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JASON YARD YARMOSKY drawing workshop at The Art Students League of New York of New York!

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