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Photographer Rudi Huisman is creating portraits inspired and based on the golden age master painters.

SIMONA BRAMATI Basileia 300x150 cm tecnica mista su tela 9000 euros

SIMONA BRAMATI born in Jesi, 26.06.1975, she lives and works in Castelplanio (Ancona). She gratuated in painting from Urbino’s Accademia delle Belle Arti (Academy of Art); she got a diploma at the Istituto Statale d’Arte (State Institude of Art) of Jesi and at the Advancd Training (animation drawing section) at the Scuola del Libro (School of Book) of Urbino.
Simona Bramati is a young artist, coming from central Italy. Participation in the 54th Venice Biennale in the Italian Pavilion Marche region follows the important investments in major exhibitions such as "Evil, cruel painting exercises" (Turin, 2005), and "Italian Art 1968-2007, Painting" (Palazzo Reale - Milan, 2007). His personal "Lachesis, the spinner of fate" in the Palazzo della Signoria di Jesi in 2008 totaled over 6500 visitors in three weeks gaining the interest of the national press. Among his solo exhibitions "The weight of a dark day" (Genoa, 2010). He won the International Art Exhibition "Satura Prize 2010". In Venice, his last solo exhibition "Rumors" (Giudecca 795 Art Gallery, 2011), curated by Beatrice Buscaroli, has achieved a great success


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GUILLERMO GARCÍA LORCA HUIDORO Casita de dulces, 160x300 cm