domingo, 12 de enero de 2014


London based sculptor RON MUECK, a former model maker and puppeteer for children’s television and films, has been creating fine art sculptures since 1996. He uses different materials such as resin, fiberglass, silicone, and many others materials constructing hyperrealistic likenesses of human beings, while paying with scale. The viewer is captivered by detailed sculptures when viewed up close, as they may be many times larger or smaller than expected.

Pay For Things VIA Your Veins

Think about that unconfortable moment when you are about to pay for coffee and you find out your wallet was left at home and not have enough change?

Well , a new card less payment will let you pay by scanning your hand so you can never to worry about carry having an embarrassed time

The PulseWallet syncs your credit card to the palm through the device ‘s internal biometric technology.
Fujitsu has shown off PulseWallet at CES 2014, a payment system that identifies you by scanning the unique pattern of veis in your hand.

A partnership between Fujitsu and PulseWallet, it uses a biometric scanner to register the pattern of veins in your palm- like fingerprints, these are unique to each individual. The system uses near infrared light to capture the palmar veins. This pattern is then registered to the user and take less than a second making for the transaction.

It uses a system of biometric authentication called PalmSecure, a technology Fujitsu has been working on since 2005. According to Fujitsu , it has a false rate of 0.00008 per cent

"From the very beginning, we were looking for an extremely secure and highly accurate form of strong biometric authentication technology to integrate with our solution. Customer registration has to work smoothly for all consumers and verification at POS must occur quickly," said PulseWallet CEO and co-founder Aimann Rasheed. "We evaluated other forms of biometric authentication and we were most impressed with Fujitsu's PalmSecure technology because of its speed, accuracy and flexibility."




Judith Bedard by PACO PEREGRIN

Coco Rocha By CRAIG McDEAN. Vogue US