domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

MARCO GRASSI phthalo blue green acrylic on canvas smaltata 50x60cm

        phthalo blue green acrylic on canvas smaltata 50x60cm

MARCO GRASSI was born in Reggio Emilia ( Italy), 1987, where he actually lives and works.

Body Art... Isn't it Amazing?

ROBERTO FERRI la delicie infante

ROBERTO FERRI, 1978, is a painter from Taranto, Italy. He is strongly influenced by barroque painters - Caravaggio-. He is a Master showing the deepest feelings in human and allegorical figures. His dynamic paintings are full of symbolic elements. Sometimes too twisted to appear in reality or even the dark corners of the subconscious.Meshing fact and fiction diving the deepest darkest regions of the subconscious

OTTO RAPP " The Visitor"

ADAM MARTINAKIS Follow the Lines…/ada…


ELOY MORALES paint in my head 9, oil on canvas, 160x160cm, 2013

           ELOY MORALES, a Spaniard painter living in Madrid


Inspired by a house he visited in Johannesburg time ago. He mixes real an imaginaries feelings around of an asylum as a place of confort and captivity, safety and madness. He makes the viewer be shocked by mix feelings using disturbing images along with reality.

ROGER BALLEN's " Asylum" will be exhibited until April 21, 2014 at the museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania.