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DARIO ORTIZ ROBLEDO Interview coming soon

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GUSTAV KLINT Today Special

ELOY MORALES Interviewed by Paloma de la Torre (Cromofora La)

Paloma de la Torre – When did you decide to devote full time to be an artist?

ELOY MORALES – Since I was a child, I never wanted to be anything else. However,  I devote myself to it completely since I was 20 years old.

PALOMA DE LA TORRE -  Were you a good student in school?

ELOY MORALES - I was not an exceptional student. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t too bad either although I am clearly from Arts and used to struggle with math.

PALOMA DE LA TORRE-  What inspires you to create?

ELOY MORALES- Several things such as people, feelings, particularly the need to fulfill myself

PALOMA DE LA TORRE-  What would you change about the world?

ELOY MORALES-I would change a lot of things…I don’t even know where to start ...

PALOMA DE LA TORRE-  If you could resurrect someone who would you choose?

ELOY MORALES-  My grandparents, of course

PALOMA DE LA TORRE-  What do you really think about contemporary art?

ELOY MORALES- I love contemporary art

PALOMA DE LA TORRE-  What would you do or say if you had the world's attention for 30 seconds?

ELOY MORALES- I think If I had the world's attention for 30 seconds I would run or hide under a table.

PALOMA DE LA TORRE-  What things are you afraid of eventhough knowing that there is nothing to fear?

ELOY MORALES- I am afraid of to many things: passage of time, for instance.

PALOMA DE LA TORRE-  If your friends had to highlight the more negative parts of your character, what would they say?

ELOY MORALES- You would have to ask them.

PALOMA DE LA TORRE-  What drives you crazy?

ELOY MORALES- Several things: hypocrisy, cruelty of human beings in general and, in particular, cruelty to animals, human falsehood and selfishness ...

PALOMA DE LA TORRE-  What is your favorite painting?

ELOY MORALES- Pope Innocent x Velazquez

PALOMA DE LA TORRE-  Who is your favorite artist?


PALOMA DE LA TORRE -  Are you superstitious?

ELOY MORALES- Yes, a litle bit,  I have to recognize it... 

PALOMA DE LA TORRE-  Do you think some people/critics are devaluing contemporary art?

ELOY MORALES- There always are who devalues ​Arts in general... However, it happens not only in the Contemporary Arts... In fact, I respect the word: ARTIST too much but some people don't use it in a right way

PALOMA DE LA TORRE- Does Internet have a positive or negative influence in Artists? 

ELOY MORALES- We'll know in the future; I believe that technologies offer us wonderful possibilities. However, we are misusing  and destroying many things with them.

PALOMA DE LA TORRE- What do you think about contemporary Mecenas helping to promote artists through social media and the internet?

ELOY MORALES- I do not see any problem if done right

PALOMA DE LA TORRE- If you let a shark and a crocodile in the same pool, who would win?

ELOY MORALES- I use to hear that when you fight nobody wins in any case. Therefore, I don't want to think about this happening.

PALOMA DE LA TORRE  Do you like poetry? Have you read any of my poems?

ELOY MORALES- Yes, I've read some of them...However, I hardly read poetry.

PALOMA DE LA TORRE- What would you title a book about your life?


PALOMA DE LA TORRE- What is your favorite animal?

ELOY MORALES- I love animals... I have two cats

PALOMA DE LA TORRE- Which one of the seven major sins do you commit more often?

ELOY MORALES- I am not religious at all... I am not committing sins at least those considered serious.

PALOMA DE LA TORRE Would the world change  if it were dominated by women?

ELOY MORALES- The world is already dominated by women

PALOMA DE LA TORRE- If you had to give employment to someone what criteria would you consider the most important?


PALOMA DE LA TORRE- What is more important for you: freedom or security?


PALOMA DE LA TORRE- If you went to dinner with your clone, would you enjoy his company?

ELOY MORALES- It would be boring ....

PALOMA DE LA TORRE- Do you believe it is possible to know a person by the music he/she listen to?

ELOY MORALES- I believe it could help you

PALOMA DE LA TORRE How many paintings do you paint yearly and how long it takes you to finish your work?

ELOY MORALES- One per month

PALOMA DE LA TORRE Do you think about yourself inside any Art movement?

ELOY MORALES-   Figurative, 

PALOMA DE LA TORRE- If Playing a movie about your life, what actor would you choose to roll you?

ELOY MORALES-   I am not sure... Maybe,Eduardo Noriega?

PALOMA DE LA TORRE- Let's say for the rest of your life you could only eat one thing, which one would you decide to?

ELOY MORALES-  French Fries

PALOMA DE LA TORRE-  What emotions would you like to transmit through your Art? 

ELOY MORALES-  The way I feel things, of course.

PALOMA DE LA TORRE- If you were famous for one day what kind of famous person would you be and why?

ELOY MORALES-   It is very rare for a living painter to become very famous... Ask people on the street who  Gerhard Richter is

PALOMA DE LA TORRE- If you had to choose a figure of comic for your father, which one would you choose?

ELOY MORALES- Conan the Barbarian

PALOMA DE LA TORRE- would you define contemporary art as multidimensional?

ELOY MORALES-  is mostly plural, a prerequisite for art

*  Thank you so much, Eloy... One of my favorite artist ;O) A person who transmits to me passion and reality through the retinas of his hands... adding deepth to my eyes; A genius who always knows how to be at the same level as the rest.Paloma de la Torre (Cromofora La) 
in "Sugar Is Anesthesia" 

Interview assigned exclusively by the artist to Cromofora La (Paloma) Online Contemporary Art Gallery (c) 

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Владимир Федотко ( VLADIMIR FEDOTKO)

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Dutch artist rosa verloop has extended her body of work with these 'nylon sculptures'. the highly textural pieces capitalize on the key medium used, stockings, which is tucked and molded to create a distinctly human-like figure. the flesh-colored panty hose fortify the anthropomorphic qualities of the work, manipulated in an organic fashion with drawing pins to create something strangely exotic. 


As born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1967, and received a master’s degree from Musashino Art University in 1992.He took up residence in Spain in 1994 as an overseas art schlorship under a program of Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. During his sojourn there, he was awarded First Prize in an international painting competition sponsored by the Barcelo Foundation and launched into full-fledged activity ...as a professional artist. Upon his return to Japan, Suwa continued his exploration of realism for the purpose of going back to the origins of painting. In 2000, he unveiled works taking as their subject Kazuo Ohno, a pioneer of avant-garde “buto” dancing. He produced this series with Ohno’s cooperation, by communicating with and gathering information about the latter for an entire year. The methodology of this production exerted an immense influence on his subsequent approach to creation. Suwa begins by probing and engaging in dialogue with his subjects under a set of conditions he determines. Through the dialogue, he elicits the story, thought, and other elements making up the subject’s background.The process of communication with his subjects is an important factor for Suwa, and signals a break from realism in the classic sense, which does not go beyond the level of visual duplication of the subject. Around this time, Suwa made the transition to the style of presenting series of works in solo shows. In 2003, he exhibited his “Japanese Beauty” series combining paintings with interviews about personal history, with a focus on the gradations of sense of belonging among women in Japan. This was followed in 2006 by “SLEEPERS”, which consisted of paintings of women in bed, in poses that would normally be unseen by anyone, and grew out of his sharing of the life space of women who answered his general call for models for the project.Amid widening recognition as an artist with a pronounced documentary-like streak, Suwa began work on the ongoing “Stereotype” series in 2008. In it, he actually reproduces stereotypical images of Japanese people, including mistaken and prejudiced ones, as motifs, and portrays them with a detached objectivism in the super-real sort of depiction that is his speciality. By so doing, he manifests his penetrating insight into a world in which the real mingles with the fake and reality is mixed into fiction. His first solo exhibition in a museum, the ensuing “Realist with Compound Eyes” brought together Suwa’s past oeuvres under a single roof. Suwa’s works are characterized by stunningly beautiful painting, but at the base of his outstanding technique one can glimpse an abiding spirit of respect and feeling of compassion for the subject. While his mental concentration is maintained on a high level of intensity, this sublime humanity seems to interlock with and animate his body, so that he paints as if weaving the thread of life with each stroke. This is precisely why his creations possess the power to move the viewer so deeply. 



Stefan Zsaitsits was born in 1981 in Hainburg/Donau in Lower Austria where he currently lives and works as a painter and fine artist. He attended the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, and after graduating in 2006 he quickly began garnering critical praise and attention for his beautifully haunting and enigmatic work


Mariana Palova is a young Mexican woman born in 1990, when she was a child simple visions made incursion in her life, such visions she exaggerated or included in elements of living things through imagination, capturing them in her drawings. When she grew up, her skills were not enough to express clearly her artistic experience; therefore she decides to put it off for two years hoping to find another vocation.

At 16, counting with a low training in visual arts, as a result of her self-taught formation, she starts to feel an interest for digital photography, thanks to the fascination found in the experience of looking at herself as she really was, even in the most superfluous environment.

Having a complex about the esthetic ambits of her human entity and incipient whirlpools of personality, she starts to experiment with digital manipulation, with the objective of creating corporal modifications to herself. At the beginning, she encounters some influence that strongly hinders her own perception and her identity, taking thereby refuge in foreign lands, lethal environments and dark ranges.