martes, 4 de febrero de 2014


                                               Beach Sitter, 60" x 44", oil on panel, 2013
       Between Balloons, 48" x 48", oil on canvas, 2008
     Collar on Boy, 60" x 48", oil on linen, 2008
                         Neck Piece, 62" x 46", oil on canvas, 2008
        Party Hat, 48" x 48", oil on linen, 2008
          Place Holder, 54" x 48", oil on canvas, 2008

             Bounty, 54" x 48", oil on canvas, 2009
       Girl with Umbrella, 36" x 36", oil on linen, 2009
       Cabbage Patch, 64" x 40", oil on linen, 2010
     Flower Cap, 48" x 48", oil on linen, 2010
     Milking, 54" x 50", oil on linen, 2010
         Rescue Party, 90" x 80", oil on canvas, 2010
                       Tired Prince, 60" x 44", oil on canvas, 2010
                 Artist and Child, 66" x 56", oil on linen, 2011
      Boy with Sticks, 78" x 64", oil on canvas, 2011
     Chimeras on the Grass, Diptych 104" x 74", oil on canvas, 2011
                             Cyclopes, 60" x 44", oil on linen, 2011
                                                         Hunter, 48" x 42", oil on canvas, 2012
                                Man as Crane, 44" x 30", gouache and colored pencil on paper, 2012
                              Man Basking, 44" x 30", gouache and colored pencil on paper, 2012
                                       Man Treading, 44" x 30", gouache and colored pencil on paper, 2012
                                                       Sunset Sunhat, 48" x 48", oil on canvas, 2012
                                                Astronaut, 48" x 42", oil on panel, 2013
                                                  Gold Panner, 60" x 60", oil on canvas, 2013
                                              Onlooker, 48" x 48", oil on canvas, 2013
      Women with Sparkler, 48" x 40", oil on linen, 2009
     Swoon at the Water Pump, 60" x 40", oil on canvas, 2010
Man Floating, 44" x 30", gouache and colored pencil on paper, 2012

ROBIN F WILLIAMS was born in Columbus, OH in 1984.


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      Red Water Chestnut In My Heart, 21x29'', Oil On Canvas

WANG KUN, was born in Jilin,China, in 1970.
His legs were paralyzed due to polio at the age of 3. He loved painting since childhood and attended elementary art training at the age of 7, and he gradually showed extraordinary art talent. Elementary training could not satisfy his strong desire for the study of art, so he sought a higher level of education by all means. Unfortunately his physical restriction was a serious handicap in his studying, so he had no choice but to learn by himself.
With his family's full support and encouragement, he tried his best to find and collect as many resources as possible related to art and began a basic but strict, formal, comprehensive and professional self-training At that time he also studied Chinese painting, calligraphy, seal carving and many other artistic fields. In the mid-1980's he started  changed his way from  research and creativity to oil painting. With his artwork "Harvest on Black Soil," published in "Art Panorama," he established his way to modern classical realism, and then he developed a unique step by step artistic style in oil painting technique. He came to Beijing in 1994, and became a professional oil painter. WangKun studio was founded in 1998, and he engaged in painting modern classical realism. He is settled in Beijing now.


      Magnum Opus

JAMES VAN FOSSAN, Colorado, 1964:
"What my work to-date represents is my study of the language and craft of oil painting. Words, like paintings, are used to express our hearts to others. However, a painting can say so much more, and is understood as though it were a universal language. I paint in a realistic manner simply because I feel my primary goal is to represent truth, reality, and to tell the story. I desire to paint and to speak clearly so that the more important matter of what I am trying to say comes through. Like any great craft, the time and detail fostered into a work of realism commands attention and invites the viewer to understand, or at least to consider, the painting. To share my philosophies and thoughts with others in such a beautiful and historical art form is a privilege I am determined to honor as I continue to work with all of my heart and mind on this life-long mission."



ADAM MILLER, 1979, Oregon. He began an apprenticeship to artist Allen Jones at thirteen years old and at Sixteen, was accepted to the Florence Academy Of Art in Florence and continued his studies under Michael John Angel in Florence. For the next four years Miller traveled throughout Europe studying the workof the Baroque and Mannerist painters. ADAM MILLER 's paintings explore the intersection between mythology, ecology and humanism. Visually inspired by baroque and Hellenistic narrative painting they take a polytheistic approach to contemporary folklore, questions of progress and the experience of human narrative in the face of technological change and the struggle to find meaning in a world poised between expansion and decay. Miller's work is mannerist in it's use of the human form as a vehicle of feeling and thought beyond the literal representation of a particular person.