viernes, 10 de enero de 2014


 The New Crowd #41, 1998.  "This image took 3 weeks to print and consists from 126 different negatives" MISHA GORDIN




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Man Builds Home for $11,000 Using/Reciclying Local Found Materials

Boatbuilder and kayakin instructor Brian Schulz's contruction project took him about a year and a half to complete. This beautiful wood house cost him $11000!! This man was inspired by Japanese Architecture; therefore, this JAPANESE FORREST HOUSE ( as shultz call it) includes both a rustic western and traditional eastern appeal.
Located in the woods of Cape Falcon, Oregon, the home doesn’t lack  any basic amenities .

Schulz was keeping materials for constructions and items for decoration in order to build his dream house. He also did some travelling and meeting people who offered sice hand made paper lanterns to allowing him to bring some trees from their properties.

MICHEL HUTTER "The triumph of flesh", oil on wood panel, 120 x 60 cm, 120 x 120 cm, 120 x 60 cm, 2008-09

JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER " Nice to play with something very different for me. For a cat charity event at the end of the month."