miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014


                                                Tu veux entendre la mer???

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Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
´´Pedro’s experimental and highly risky mixed techniques have been jaw-dropping clients since the tender age of 18. Restlessly, he seeks in every remote dusty corner for fresh ideas, but for him nothing compares to a good old fashioned drawing session isolated in the privacy of his Dracula look a like room. He hopes the audience will be left dazzled, bewildered and a tiny bit confused. Creating images isn’t just his profession, but the only language he speaks. His trick? Never being fully pleased with his work´´
Amelia Rosales


John Currin (born 1962) is an American painter based in New York City. He is best known for satirical figurative paintings which deal with provocative sexual and social themes in a technically skillful manner. His work shows a wide range of influences, including sources as diverse as the Renaissance, popular culture magazines, and contemporary fashion models. He often distorts or exaggerates the erotic forms of the female body. "His technical skills", Calvin Tomkins has written, "which include elements of Old Master paint application and high-Mannerist composition, have been put to use on some of the most seductive and rivetingly weird figure paintings of our era.
Currin was born in Boulder, Colorado, and grew up in Connecticut, where he studied painting privately with a renowned traditionally trained Russian artist from OdessaUkraine, Lev Meshberg. He went to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he obtained a BFA in 1984, and received a MFA from Yale University in 1986.