domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2015

Eddy Stevens

"Het hedendaags verleden"
Mixed media



Andrea Galluzzo

Andrea Galluzzo is a photographer living and working in Portland, OR. Coming from years of experience working with medium and large format cameras, she began experimenting with the digital darkroom three years ago. Her knowledge and experience with chemical printing has influenced the quality and craft of her current projects that push the boundries of the photographic medium. Her recent project, “Know Myself in all My Parts”, has been published in Black and White Magazine, and received the Ultimate Eye Foundation Grant in 2009. She has also exhibited her work in group and solo shows around the country including the Peninsula Museum of Art, Rayko Photo Gallery, and The Spiva Arts Center.

YDK Morimoe ~ Xhxix

Tomasz Zaczeniuk

" Tied up Dream "