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Born 1968 [Windsor, Ontario, Canada]


 KRYSTOF IWIN - a graduate of Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts, he studied in the Second Painting Workshop of professor Maciej Swieszewski and in the First Interior Architecture Designing Workshop of professor Andrzej Pniewski. He defended his diploma thesis of painting and drawing on 15.01.2003 with honours. He has dealt with painting, drawing and graphics for several years.

1989 - 1993 Artistic Secondary School in Olsztyn
1993 - 1995 Higher Pedagogic School in Olsztyn, Faculty of Art
1995 - 2002 Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, The Faculty of Architecture and Design, The Faculty of Painting and Graphics
01.2003 - Diploma (The Faculty of Painting and Graphics)

"Usually I do not have any principles before painting a paint, I do not design it, I do not endeavour to realize, visualize any idea in order to convey it to others. A painting is an award for me - a surprise which arises from improvisation with a shape, colour, light and texture. Just like reality is not explicit for people, I try to make my paintings, contrary to appearances, to have as many meanings as many members of the audience there are.
If I were asked "why figurative?", I think I answered just like I answered at the diploma thesis defense: "... if I were a square, I might take up geometric abstraction." 
Krzysztof Iwin


RAY CAESAR ( today special)

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Rafael Ochoa, 1983, has a BFA in Photography from OCAD University and an MFA in Visual Arts from York University (2012). His Art is an illusion digitally produced.


Silicone, pigment, resin, human hair

SAM JINKS is an Australian sculptor. His work is created in a detailed realistic style, and is held in many collections around the world.