miércoles, 15 de enero de 2014


NICOLA VERLATO was born in 1965 in Verona, Italy. He began painting at a very early age. Trained in Classical music, and with an interest in Rock, he has also composed music for documentary films. Verlato studied architecture at the University of Venice and moved to New York in 2004. In 2011, he relocated to Los Angeles, California, where he is currently based. Nicola creates his works through an articulated process that makes use of classical techniques as well as modern technologies such as 3D Modeling programs such as Maya and Zbrush. Techiques and skills borrowed from the old Masters with pop culture' s themes. Therefore, there are stew of pop-culture sign-posts found un his work, ranging from Disney to rock'n'roll, to movie stars, comics and pornography. His paintings draw us in and ask us to consider the meaning of it all.
Verlato es un pintor que basa su trabajo en la mitología de nuestro tiempo, que recopila información visual acerca de ciertos fenómenos y los combina para acercarnos a una nueva representación y en donde los videojuegos están muy presentes...( Paloma de la Torre)



      Immaculate Reflection | 2006 | 152cm x 195cm | oil on linen

     Solo Spaces | 2005 | 183cm x 262cm | oil on linen
      No Stranger to Obsession | 2005 | 198cm x 218cm | oil on linen

      False illusions

       Convergence | 2013 | 198cm x 305cm | oil on linen
     The false masquerade 213x305cm
      Beyond the Flesh of Space | 2013 | 137cm x 173cm | oil on linen
     Resting On Her Laurels | 2006 | 173cm x 183cm | oil on linen

The Dimensions of Ambiguity | 2005 | 152cm x 178cm | oil on linen

     Rehoboth | 1993 | 122cm x 244cm | oil on canvas

TERRY RODGERS is an internationally recognized artist who has worked and lived in Massachusetts, Washington, DC, and Ohio.

His first solo European museum exhibition opened May, 2009. In addition, his work has been represented in numerous museum group exhibitions in Europe between 2006 and 2013. In 2007, his work appeared in Art Basel. And in 2005, three of his monumental figurative canvases were presented at the Bienal de Valencia.

Rodgers’ current work focuses on portraying contemporary body politics. His rendering of an imaginary leisure life stands as an iconic vision of the tensions and confusions endemic to today’s society.  These images are not snapshots or slices of life, but rather a compression and dissection of our rampant imaginations and mediated influences. The seductive and marvelous glamour of the outer world jars against the vulnerability and delicacy of our inner and private selves.
Terry Rodgers attended Amherst College, with a major in the Fine Arts. His strong interest in film and photography influenced his style in the direction of representational realism in art.