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Kehinde WILEY





                                                     foie gras frais poêlé aux figues " 130 x 97 cms

Troye, France

Collaboration Short Story By Paloma de la Torre ( Cromofora La)© Photo Christian Martin Weiss


…Al rato incliné mi cabeza recogida en mis manos y escuché un leve gemido, convertido en el estruendo de un terror mortal… Desesperadamente busqué un rastro de pena o dolor- pero ningún rasto- era el sonido desgarrador que surge del fondo del alma cuando el miedo la oprime. Conocía bien ese sonido que suele brotar en horas altas de la noche cuando el silencio machaca la garganta que atraviesa el hielo y la luz está apagada… Es el grito del miedo cuando las manos no pueden sujetar un alma que tambalea…

…shortly after ...
I inclined my head gathered together in my hands, hearing a slight moan…It became the voice of mortal terror ... I desperately looked for a sign of grief or pain-but no trace of it- it was as heartbreaking sound that emerges from the depths of the soul when the fear squeezes it-The sound I used to know-It  usually sproutes in the deep of the night… when the silence crossing the throat going through the ice and the light is off ... It is the cry of fear when hands cannot hold a soul staggering ...

Short Story By Paloma de la Torre ( Cromofora La)©
Photo Christian Martin Weiss




                                                       Fraction of a pixel
                                                       Queen of the invisible Empire
                                           The Cabinet
                                                       The Facto

                                          The Gathering

     Litle whites lies

Photographer Juha Arvid Helminen (born 1977) is a passionate virtuoso in portraiture photography. Inspired by new acquaintances and personalities, Juha's immediacy and ambition are the secret to his powerful portraits. He has the rare ability to extract the very best out of anyone that stands in front of his lens. Juha is a photographer with a strong affinity towards bold settings and rich environments – indeed, the viewer is easily taken aback by the vivid textures and meticulous details that Juha incorporates skillfully within his imagery. 
After his graduation from the Institute of Design and Fine Arts in Lahti (Lahti University of Applied Sciences) in 2010, Juha Arvid Helminen -–originally from Siltamäki, Helsinki – has kept himself busy with photography. His works have fast attained fame all over the world, and have been exhibited in the United States, Germany, France, Nepal, Switcherland and Colombia. While Juha favors sinister subject matters in his art photography, in reality he is anything but a dark personality. Experienced also in album cover and music video making, Juha responds to the various needs of portrait and fashion photography with professional integrity, resulting in carefully composed imagery that never disappoints.



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