viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014



ÉDOUARD MANET, hurt by a nasty article, challenged to the critic to a duel with swords, but neither the artist nor the critic had any idea what to do with them...

ÉDOUARD MANET, herido por un desagradable articulo , retó al crítico a un duelo con espadas; pero ni el artista ni el crítico tenían idea de lo que había que hacer con ellas...


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TAKAHIRO HARA ( San Valentin's Special)

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JONAR BURGERT (b. 1969: lives and works in Berlin, Germany). His works could be seen as different plots and theater's scene. Theatre is part of human existence for Burgert; playing a important role in his paintings. play that Burgert considers to be human existence:" man’s need to make sense of his purpose in life. It is a quest that seems inconclusive, but which opens doors to every sphere of reasoning, imagination and desire." Huge canvases are crowded with fantastical figures of different proportions. Some are gigantic, others are as small as infants. There are monkeys and zebras, skeletons and harlequins, Amazons, children, sometimes the painter himself. Exaggerated situations or figures play a hideous game: walls decompose and floors open; at that point is where Burgert reveals agglomeration of bodies or vivid liquid, people wear masks and costumes, war-like paint decorates some of the faces. His paintings make the viewer ask thamselves where is the line between fantasy and reality: what is being a corpse and what is alive if often unclear. There is an overshadow game between life and death evolving his paintings...