sábado, 30 de noviembre de 2013


      The Inevitability of Time Pietá


      Roots of Fire

     Till ears Turn Us Apart
     The Cosmic Dinner
                        The Division of Pleasures

        The Fragmented Identity

      The Nature of the Golden Age

                            To the Point of no Return
      Golden Boy

       Kassandra Complex

                           The Fragile Memories of a Childhood

                         Follow the Lines
       The Boy who believed in a god

Born in Luband, Poland in 1972, his mother is Polish and father Greek. Moved to Athen, Greece in 1982. He studied Interior Arquitecture, Decorative Arts and Industrial Design at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens.  Since the year 2000, has been working and experimenting, on Computer generated visual media ( 3d digital image-animation, digital video, new media. Lives and works in UK, Poland and Greece.

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