viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2013


      Bird of Paradise


         Islands 31x50

                                                    Listening Feather




                                                             The Proposition
      The Search

BRAD KUNKLE born in rural pennsylvania in 1978. He spent years contemplating and exploring the beauty of the deep forest arounf himThe surface of these paintings are embellished with genuine gold and silver. Thse precious metals are used as symbolic elements as well as visual instruments to interact with the viewer's movements and environment. His paintings are inspired by the grisailles of Early european masters and the haunting quality of antiques photographs deguerreotypes " Grisailles has a misterious quality to it, and that misterious quality is also at times carried into the way I will treat an object or a dress. Sometimes I like to give just enough information for the viewer to finish the details of what they are seeing"

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