sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013


                Poéme Maudit

                                    Angel of Flesh Ink (ink and scratch over plastered cardboard)

                              pan`s labyrinth
        The Inner Prophete
                  The Spectral House

        Taste of Infinity

                                 I got wings

                     La Voz de la Ambición
                              Pánico Urbano
      The Poet

                                                    The Gymnosophist

SANTIAGO CARUSO, Illustrator, born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina is a symbolist and surreal artist, of an avant-garde concept but rooted in the nineteenth century' s aesthetic. His work stands out both for the vigor 
of its poetry as well as for its technique. Dedicated to the fantastique and poetry, among his most important illustrated books you can find:
El Horror de Dunwich , La Condesa Sangrienta  and 
El Monje y la Hija del Verdugo (Libros del Zorro Rojo);
El Eco de mis Muertes (Self edition); The Walls of the Castle 
(Black Labyrinth); Senhorita Christina (Tordesilhas); 
Historias de Vampiros (Longseller); The Peacock Escritoire  
and Tarshishim (Ex Occidente Press); Three Great Plays of Shakespeare & Don Quixote, (Penguin Readers).

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