jueves, 9 de enero de 2014


                        Zephyr oil on wood 20x16
                                            Scintillating Venuses oil on wood 24x23
           Promise Broken




              The Feather in Your Cap


                       fighting teh tides 12x9 oil on board


                              the fur trader 36x24 oil in canvas
                    Cory 30x24 oil on canvas
        With The Wind  oil on linen 16x16

                           bounty hunter 50x40 oil on canvas
                                           kurzeme snow 24x20 oil on board

Lewis, b. 1978, Ocean County, NJ, is a New Jersey Shore based artist whose influences include Alfonse Bougereau, Andrew Wyeth, Hans Holbein, Albrecht Durer, Hieronymus Bosch, Gustav Klimt, and Jules-Bastien LePage. His reverence for masters of old is apparent in his depiction of the human figure, which he uses as a vector for hidden stories, delicate emotion, and finding truth. His affinity forpeople-watching also informs his paintings, collecting glances, gestures, miens and hints and channeling them through the canvas for the viewer to share in the experience.

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