jueves, 23 de enero de 2014



                                Bob Geldof Lightbox
                                 Danny Methric Lightbox
                              En E-Lightbox
                                 Eric Burdon Lighbox
                                 Julio Lighbox
                                Laura Lighbox
                                 Luis Lighbox
                                   Madeleine Lighbox
       Oilcan, Screws and more
        Ready to Jump
                                                   Sweet Cava Flute
       The Legacy
                                 The Kinght, the Casttle and the Bottle of Wine
      Sigh in Violet

                               Little Girl in Violet

"I began photographing in 2010, when the urge to create became stronger in my life and digital methods made photography more accessible. To be serious, I have to tell you that I’ve never studied photography, I was slowly learning, researching, experimenting and technical mechanisms. Nowadays, I am working primarily in the genres: Portraiture, Still life, Fashion & Fine Art Nude.  My work is to effect a relationship between artist and sitter or objects, to create a visual representation of a subject, to capture its essence and soul. I like to work with shadows and create a sense of mystery and powerful images. In any case, I only want to build and to create an imaginary & dreamy world to allow the viewer´s imagination to run wild and create whatever scenario the image suggests to them... but close to the reality."

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