lunes, 10 de febrero de 2014


       Self-Portrait detail

                                            photo by Jeff Doyle
F. SCOTT HESSS was born in Baltimore, MD, in 1955. He studied art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison honing his drawing and printmaking skills. Hess began to paint in 1979 at the Vienna Academy of Fine Art, studying in Austria for five and a half years. After receiving both the National Endowment for the Arts and Getty Museum Fellowships in 1991, Hess took his wife and baby daughter to Iran for a year. Perhaps the first American male to enter the Islamic Republic after the Iranian Revolution, Hess traveled to all corners of the country, exploring abandoned archaeological sites, ancient mosques, and Zoroastrian fire-temples. 
His narrative portraiture blends realistic scenes of everyday life with symbolic and allegorical events, humor, eroticism, and voyeurism. At this point,He seems to magnifies the Human fragility

"Paintings bearing a hint of the hilarity of being human." SH

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