jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014


                                               In the light . oil painting on canvas
                                             Young womAn and a bird . Oil On Canvas

                                            (photo by Jean-Luc Guérin, 2011

198: First exhibition of his works in Brittany (landscape paintings).
1985 : Begins to study Philosophy and Aesthetics in the Sorbonne Paris IV University.
1986 : First personnal exhibition in Brittany.
1989 : Obtains his Masters degree of Aesthetics at the Sorbonne, presenting « The ancient masters’ pictorial matter », under the direction of Michel Guiomar.
1990 : Starts working at the French Institute for the Restoration of Artworks (IFROA), where he deepens his knowledge on the ancient masters’ techniques.
1990-1992 : First exhibitions as a « special guest » in various art fairs.
First prize in Taverny , Barbizon, Pontoise, Plouescat, Quincy-sous-Sénart, Tournan-en-Brie (the city of Tournan officially purchases a still life painting).
1992 : As from this date, he fully dedicates himself to painting.
1992 : Exhibition at the Autumn Fair of Paris (at the Grand Palais).
1994 : Exhibition at Michelle Boulet Gallery, Paris VIII.

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