lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

ROGER BALLEN Interviewed by Paloma de la Torre ( Cromofora La) in JUST CHATTING

When did you decide to devote full time to be an artist?
 I decided to be a full time artist sometime in 2008. For thirty years I worked as a geologist and artist at the same time.
Were You a good student in school?
 I was quite a good student. I obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in Mineral Economics in 1981.
What  inspires you to create ?
 My own photographs
What would you change from this world?
 This is an impossible question.

If you could resurrect someone, who would you choose?
 The animals that have gone extinct or are about to go extinct
What do you think about Contemporary Art ?
 It is very rare to find a work in Contemporary Art that jolts me; stays in my mind. Unfortunately Contemporary Art is driven by money not poetry.
If you would have the whole world attention for 30 seconds what would you do or say?
 Do nothing, say nothing
If your friends were asked about negative highlight parts of your character, what would they say ?
 What they say and what they may feel could be very different.

What drives you crazy?
Loud Music
What is your favorite painting or picture?
 Do not have won
Who is your favorite artist?
 Do not have a favourite artist.
Are you superstitious?
 A bit

Do you think there are people devaluing contemporary art?
 I  hope so
Does Internet have a negative influence or positive influence on artists?
What do you think about contemporary mecenas helping to  promote artists through social media and the internet ?
If you let a shark and a crocodile in the same pool , which one would win ?

Do you like to read poetry? Have you read any of my poems?
 I used to read lots of poetry and would be happy to read yours
What would you title a book about your life?
 Roger Ballen
What is your favorite animal?
 I like them all
How  would the world change the world if it were dominated by women?
 Not certain. One type of problem would replace another. That is the human condition.

If you had to give employment to someone what criteria would you consider the most important?
 Passion to perform with perfection.
What is more important to you: freedom or security?
If you went to dinner with your clone,  do you think you would enjoy  the company ?
Do you think you could  know the character of a person by the music he/she listen to?

How many creations each year and how long you usually end them ?
 Varies from year to year. Most importantly the work has to have a life of its own beyond me.
Do You consider  yourself into any movement in art ?
 Hopefully not.
If there were a movie about your life which actor/actress would play your role?
 Do not pay attention to actors and actresses.
 Let's say for the rest of your life you can only eat one thing, which one would you decide?
 Not certain

What would you like to transmit in your art?
 I would like to reveal the essence of the deeper levels of the human mind.
if you were famous far a whole day what famous person would you be and why?
Do you think Contemporary Art is multidimensional, how would you define it?
 Just the opposite, it is mostly one dimensional if even that

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Cromofora La ( Paloma) Contemporary Art Online Gallery
* Roger Ballen is a Master of captivating reality without any pink story. He makes the viewer be shocked by mix feelings using disturbing images along with reality. As a person he was very empathic with me sice the first time I asked him to answer these questions for Cromofora La ( Paloma) Magazine/Gallery.He is an compromised artist with our reality and the consequences . It is an honor for me including him here as one of my most admirable artist.…/rog…