lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014


                                        photo by simian panofsky

Zoe Lacchei grew up in a small town near Rome, kind of a quiet place far from the chaos of the city, where her bashful and introvert character probably originates and made her an atypical human being.
Being isolated has given her a great abstraction and escapism ability, two characteristics which form the basis of her work as an adult. After high school, rather than attending regular academic courses, she focused on the subjects she loved the most, such as human anatomy and Japanese culture.
This last one has affected her enormously: she simply adores Japan, with its contradictions and oddities, with its great sense for the art of image, in a traditional and at the same time modern way, given by Manga, Anime and videogames.
If she hadn’t come in contact with this world her artistic production would have been very different.
Now she is a popular Italian Artist,known all around the world.
Eclectic, passionate, Zoe Lacchei has published several works and has taken part to many exhibitions.
Her unmistakable style is a fusion of several traditional techniques and materials.
In April 2004 she realized thirteen paintings for the Marilyn Manson’s Gold Disc (Golden Age of the Grotesque), collected afterwards in the original portfolio: Metamorphosis, the art of Zoe Lacchei.
Her work on Marilyn Manson’s visual evolution has crucially marked her artistic career, on a graphic level but also in terms of visibility. A 4-year project that allowed her to distance herself from her former working style, an unprecedented opportunity to be “free” to create whatever she wanted to.

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